The focus in this dance genre is on lines, formations, cheerleading jumps, sharp staccato arm movements and form. It may contain tumbling, with both male and female participants and influences of hip-hop and jazz techniques, commonly used by professional cheerleaders in the NFL and NBA. Cheerleading has the specific intent to direct audience participation in cheering for a specific team; however cheerleading competition is based upon organized routines which ranges from intense physical activity to the sideline activity of chants and cheers with poms.

Cheerleading originated in the USA with approximately 1.5 million participants in all-star cheerleading. It gained its’ International and Worldwide audience with the release of several films and the broadcasting of the College, and All Star Cheerleading competitions. There are now estimated to be over 100,000 participants around the globe.

Great use of 'armography', along with dance moves, plus the chance to shout and cheer in class!

Grab your Poms!