. Full knowledge of all ballet grades from Starlites through to Elementary/Intermediate/ Advanced levels

. The ability to spot faults in students’ work, and to correct in a safe and methodical manner

. How to teach basic techniques to the younger students, with emphasis on posture, placement, and carriage of movement

. To understand the progression of work through the grades, and to work to the required standard at each level, and to the student’s individual ability

. Communication and instruction to each level, and how to adapt to students with varied learning abilities

. Capability to instruct by performance or demonstration

. Understanding the importance of anatomy of a dancer and to relate difficulties in performance due to physical disabilities

. How to encourage and nurture your students

. Teaching French terminology from early grades

. Knowing when to put a student ‘en pointe’ (and more importantly, when not to)

. Boy’s work – how to adapt in early grades, and teach higher grade work

. Set exercises as described in the syllabus

. Theory regarding all of the above points

. The ability to work independently both in class and at home

. Commitment and dedication to the course.



. Full knowledge of the Stage Grades from Starlites through to Elementary levels

. The ability to teach syllabus work in Modern, Stagecraft and Tap

. The understanding of technical training and advancements through the grades

. How to break down work and teach safely

. How to correct faults in posture and technique

. Good understanding of timing, rhythm and time signatures, including syncopation and cross rhythms used in tap dancing in particular

. Understanding stagecraft, in particular dimensions, directions and spacial awareness

. How to work with students of varying physical and learning abilities

. Boy’s work – how to adapt and teach

. Performance of set pieces

. How to nurture and encourage your students

. The importance of warm up and cool down in class

. Studying the anatomy of a dancer, and students’ individual physical abilities

. Theory on all of the above points


Essential Information: Your commitment as a teacher will require the following:

· Continuation of learning throughout your teaching career

· Attending CPD (Continued Personal Development) BATD workshops and meetings

· Upholding your membership annually with BATD

· Having insurance if actively teaching

· Yearly First Aid course updates

· Keep updated with Child Protection and Vulnerable adult courses

· Keep updated with Government Policies and Procedures for teachers of dance and associated arts

· PPL and PRS licences are required for those teaching in premises

· If Self Employed, you will be liable for your tax returns, and payments