Ballet Is the basis of all forms of dance, giving the dancer strength, technique, deportment and discipline. It is the foundation subject for all dance forms. Classical ballet requires dedication from the dancer to perfect the art, and those who study classical ballet become graceful yet strong performers. Our ballet teachers are fully qualified to work with each student to correct, align, strengthen and teach technique to the highest standards.  
Pointe Work
Not all students will be able to dance on pointe, Students must be assessed regularly to make sure that their bodies have developed the required strength to take the necessary advancement onto pointe. Technique must be very strong, and physique and posture correct before allowing a student to wear and work in pointe shoes. It is a mistake to rush into pointe work as putting a student onto pointe work too early can result in physical problems later in life. Pointe work danced correctly adds flair and grace to the ballet dancer

National Dance 

From Bronze medal onwards, students are taught a dance from a different country at each level. During the full course of training, students may learn upto eight different national dances.  National shoes and skirts need to be worn for this section of the ballet examination

Character dance

Students are required to study mime and drama as part of their ballet training. When very young, they are required to show mime in their examinations, but as they grow older they have to use mime in their character dance work. This style of dance uses ballet technique, with the use of facial and body expressiveness, thus creating a character or storyline.